What is the Most Cost-Effective Way to See the Museums in Balboa Park?

A Place with a Purpose

Balboa Park in San Diego is a beautiful site that houses more than a dozen museums. The park is a source of urban exploration that is spread out over a large area. The natural scenery the park affords the average tourist is mindblowing in its depth and variety. You will need a vehicle to get to the park, although if you are fit enough, you can cycle there instead. The leading museums in Balboa Park are five in number. They cost anywhere from $13 to $20 as far as the entry fee per person is concerned. As for the rest of the museums, they will set you back financially as much as $15 or as little as $5. If your budget allows you to explore some more just for the sake of curiosity, these museums hold different attractions that will cost you additional fees. 

Food, Fun and Fantastic Forays

You can sit in a restaurant in Balboa Park and feast on some of the most delicious meals. There are more mundane dining experiences for those on a shoe-string budget. The museums shut their doors in the evening, but the bridge and urban structures are still open to the public. Also, all dining opportunities continue far into the night. Quite late at night, a large truck carrying good food at reasonable rates arrives for those who want to sample some tasty treats without putting a dent in their wallets. Balboa Park’s gardens almost seem like exotic jungles in their complexity and are a sight to behold. 

Try It for a Ticket

If your plans include just going to the park for a single day, you can enter the premises for $46 or $27 depending on whether you are a full-fledged adult or a kid respectively. For those who want to extend their visits, you can spend a whole week there for $57 if you are a grown-up or $30 if you are a youngster. Finally, for those who are positively addicted to the experience, there is the year-round pass that allows families to enter for a nominal $229. Adults alone will be charged $129, and the senescent and educated youth will both be charged a meagre $99. As an additional bonus, the Museum of Us lends all locals of San Diego County and officers in the army alongside their families cost-free entry on Residents Free Day. Personal identity cards are a must to avail this chance. Also, some material goods are not allowed inside the museum. 

Last Words on Making it to the Museums on Time

If you have kids who have tagged along with you, you will need to see that they do not cause too much of a breach of discipline. There are hotels in San Diego that cater to taking extra special care of children, and that is where you should stay with them when not frequenting the museums. It may mean a little extra cash flowing from your hands into the hotel’s accounts, but it is worth it in the end. Also, try and spend your hard-earned money on clean, hygienic food instead of street fare that probably has its share of bacteria-laden comestibles that may give you a severe case of Delhi Belly. Enjoy your trip to the museums of Balboa Park in a rational, safe and cost-effective manner, and you will not regret the decision you took. 

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